Overcoming Depression, Burnout, Anxiety and Insomnia with Dan Murray-Serter | E54


In this weeks episode of The Diary Of A CEO titled “Overcoming Depression, Burnout, Anxiety and Insomnia with Dan Murray-Serter” we discuss:
0:00 Intro
0:52 Depression – where did it all start?
11:25 Psychedelics
23:59 Posting online despite what people think
40:44 Burnout
53:17 Anxiety
01:01:30 Supplements & brand
01:14:20 How do you find the guts to keep going despite failure?
01:23:43 Relationships
01:53:01 Are you happy?
01:59:41 Are you scared of dying?
02:00:21 Dinner party
02:04:31 Outro

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Thank you so much to Dan Murray from www.yourheights.com for this amazing conversation!

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