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We all know Beyoncé as one of the most powerful female celebrities and rapper mogul Jay-Z wife. But few of us know about all her struggles. Beyonce career didn’t start smoothly.

In Beyonce childhood, her parents even separated for some time. When her band Destiny’s Child finally became popular, two of its original members left, and she became depressed because of it.

In a Beyonce interview, the singer revealed that she suffered from depression for a couple of years!

When she started her solo career, people didn’t start believing in her right away. Even her record company said that Beyonce songs had no hits. But they were wrong. Beyonce Destiny’s Child career was soon over, and she became famous as a soloist. But what about Beyonce personal life?

The beginning of the new stage of her career coincided with the start of Beyonce and Jay-Z relationship. After seeing them together in Crazy in Love, fans assumed that they were dating, and they were right. Soon enough, Jay-Z became Beyonce husband.

Beyonce kids were born a few years after. Although they looked happy together in photos and videos of their collaborations, Beyonce and Jay-Z marriage wasn’t always happy.

Have you heard the rumors about Jay-Z cheating on Beyoncé? There were many of them, and fans even started thinking that Beyonce marriage was falling apart. But they’re still together, and Jay-Z kids still have a father in their life.

In a Jay-Z interview, the rapper revealed that they went through therapy together. That’s how Queen Bey and Jay-Z saved their marriage.
Do you think that Beyonce Knowles was right to forgive Jay-Z cheating? Or did Jay-Z and Beyoncé have to get divorced? And, speaking of her career, how many Beyonce Grammy nominations she deserves to win in January?

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