How to Overcome Anxiety & Improve Resilience [Acceptance & Commitment Therapy]

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Anxiety is debilitating. So this groundbreaking treatment called acceptance & commitment therapy (ACT) is a life changer. It will make you more psychologically resilient & change your life.

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Acceptance and Commitment Therapy is the science-backed way to break you free from your thoughts, help you reach your goals, & change your life. In this groundbreaking series, Triple Board Certified psychologist and ACT expert Dr. Judy Ho walks you through everything you need to know about acceptance and commitment therapy. In doing so, she teaches you how to revolutionize your self-identity and truly understand what it means to be happy.

Dr. Ho first explains where acceptance and commitment therapy came from, how it puts you in a position to successfully reach your goals, and why we don’t reach our goals in the first place.

She then walks through the six core processes that are at the foundation of acceptance and commitment therapy: acceptance, cognitive defusion, being present, self as context, values, and committed action.

‘Acceptance’ sounds simple, but applying this concept can be difficult. However, Dr. Ho gives you the expertise that will make it easier to practice this part of acceptance and commitment therapy. According to Dr. Ho, the thing that often stands in the way of our doing something meaningful is fear. However, ACT gives you the tools to that will motivate you to both understand and successfully tolerate that fear. In doing so, you’re in a better position to reach your goals.

The next process of ACT is ‘Cognitive Defusion.’ According to Dr. Ho, this process will change your relationship with your thoughts. The way to do this will surprise you; it requires looking past the constraints of language and understanding your thoughts in a whole new light.

You’ve probably heard of the next concept – ‘Being Present’ – but acceptance and commitment therapy takes this concept a step further. ACT uses evidence-based techniques that give you the power to non-judgmentally experience the world around you. Dr. Ho shows you how in this series.

Having a healthy sense of self is the key to self-discovery and finding your purpose. But what actually defines a healthy sense of self is different than you’d expect. Dr. Ho explains those differences in the session focused on the 4th module, ‘Self as Context.’ She shares how this process will strengthen your own self-identity.

Processes 5 and 6 are intertwined – ‘Values’ and ‘Committed Action.’ Values define our belief systems and exist to give our lives purpose. So how can you ensure that your goals are rooted in your values and bring meaning to your life? And how can you use ‘Committed Actions’ to link your values to your behavior? Dr. Ho tells you how in our final session.

After finishing this series, you will understand how to (and be motivated to) traverse the research-backed road to self-discovery that acceptance and commitment therapy provides.

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