How to Overcome Anxiety and Procrastination by Identifying Your Limiting Beliefs with Dr Sasha Heinz

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Do you know what you should do but you don’t do it? In this episode, we dig into the science behind WHY this happens and HOW exactly you can overcome this massive obstacle.

No one’s ever actually stuck, but the reason you FEEL stuck is that what you want, your goals, desires, change you want in your life, etc, are bumping up against an emotional roadblock or subconscious belief.

It’s like having one foot on the gas while the other slams down the breaks. In this interview with Dr. Sasha Heinz, we share what you can do to finally overcome that fear and anxiety and transform your life.

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If you want to stop procrastinating, overcome fear and anxiety and really make changes in your life then listen to this episode of The Science Of Success. Dr. Sasha Heinz takes us through a process of identifying and questioning unwanted behaviors, negative emotions and limiting beliefs in order to do this.

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