How To Overcome Driving Test Anxiety/How To Stay Calm On Driving Test!

In this video I’m sharing some of my best tips on how to overcome driving test anxiety and how to stay calm on driving test. Unless you learn to stay calm and control your anxiety on the driving test it will be difficult for you to pass your driving test.

This video, hopefully, should help you how to plan and prepare to book the driving test and to stay calm and overcome fear and anxiety on the day of your driving test.

A little nervous in the driving test day is good, but not over nervous. Little nervous will make you think better, but not too much. It’s like holding a glass too tight. If you hold it too tight then it will break, and if you hold it too loose then it will fall. You just need to hold it enough so that it doesn’t break or fall – and test is the same. You just learn to stay calm and and control your anxiety leading up to the test and most importantly on the day of your driving test.

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0:00 Intro
1:15 Prepare for the day
1:33 Be fully ready before booking the test
2:28 Mock test before booking the test
3:10 Best time of the day to book the test
4:52 Don’t announce the test to the world
5:30 Keep the test day simple as possible
5:58 Little exercise before the test
6:43 Eat something good before the test and avoid caffeine
7:27 Have a lesson before the test
8:43 Take relevant documents
9:00 The examiner
10:31 Anxiety, nervousness and fear
13:24 Never give up

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